KeeBoo Publishing Server is the technology enabling to create and publish professional static or dynamic "ePublications" available as eCatalogs, eMagazines, eBrochures, eNewsletters etc.

KeeBoo Publishing Server technology enables to produce "ePublications" with the following possibilities: real-time modification, real-time customization, interactivity, multimedia contents. It supports existing forms of server-based personalization, eCommerce and ad-server technologies for individual page and ad page generation.

eCatalogs, eMagazines and eBrochures created with the KeeBoo Publishing Server technology are structured like existing print publications: table of contents, chapters, tabs, content pages with a 3-D page-flipping effect, full-page ads etc. They allow readers to really flip through the on-screen information.

KeeBoo Publishing Server is intended for the following sectors: Catalog retailers, Press, Custom Publishing, internal and external communication, direct marketing and any companies willing to develop eCommerce and eAdvertising solutions on the Internet.


Static eCatalogs, eMagazines and eBrochures creation and publication
Dynamic eCatalogs and eMagazines "in real-time" production with connection to product or client databases
Customized eCatalogs and eBrochures automatic generation with simple integration into eCommerce solutions
Supports all types of multimedia files
Viewable in any standard Web browsers without downloading any proprietary software or plug-in
Printing feature available - in Acrobat PDF format
3D page-flipping effect
Interactive full-page ads
Fully compatible with existing product, content and customer databases
Real-time audience monitoring and "reading behavior" analysis
Light resources cost
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Product and Service Offer

- Availability of the KeeBoo Publishing Server technology
- Content integration and creation of the "ePublications" (eCatalogs, eMagazines, eBrochures etc.) by the KeeBoo team or via authorized integrators
- Hosting and delivery of the "ePublication" URL address
- 3D flipping icon creation (for e-mailing or Web site)
- Offline readable file (.exe) creation and delivery
- Audience tracking and reporting
- Support of the KeeBoo or authorized integrator service team

- Digital files HTML conversion
- Layout in KeeBoo format
- Support through client review process
- Specific developments (Intranet, database connection etc.)

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